Proposals Due:

Date: Friday, September 13, 2019

Time: 5:00 PM EDT

By email to

Summery and Background

The mission of the Aniirajak Ski and Adventure Club is to advance cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities in Iqaluit. The club was created 5 years ago, in 2014.  Iqaluit is a natural fit for cross-country skiing with great terrain, long seasons, knowledgeable and experienced skiers, increasing tourism and a community bursting with excitement for the sport.

Aniirajak Club grew significantly in the last 5 years. The board organized programs with schools every year, outings with members almost every week during the ski season, organized competitions and fun activities, acquired a space, developed many strong partnerships locally, territorially and nationally. The club also created a map of trails around Iqaluit, landed and rented skis to Iqalummiut and visitors in increasing numbers. In the last 6 weeks of 2019 season, the club had more than 300 people using the lot 5001 and its infrastructure, joining organized activities 6 days per week. Even more people, unregistered, used the trails the club marked and groomed.

Aniirajak Ski and Adventure Club showed what great new recreation space it can offer to all Iqalummiut. As the club continues to grow, the need for a permanent home is becoming essential for its sustainability. Currently, Aniirajak Club has a temporary land use permit with the city of Iqaluit. Different locations have been identified with the city for possible location for a clubhouse. Funders are also very interested in helping the club’s vision come to fruition.

This call for proposals is therefore a first step in the process that will enable Aniirajak Ski and Adventure Club to submit an grant application to the funders. If funds are awarded, the project will be awarded to the selected applicant to conduct the feasibility study.


Primarily, the objective of the feasibility study will be to determine under which conditions Aniirajak Club can build and operate a new clubhouse, continue growing all its programming including skills development programs, special events, trail development, hiking and climbing, and integrate new activities that can generate revenues to cover the operations like cabins on the land, rental space or other.  A second goal would be to evaluate potential partnership models, primarily with entities already identified by the club (3 identified partners).

The study should include, but not be limited to:

-Evaluate different locations for the clubhouse and cabins
-Evaluate the size needed for the clubhouse and cabins
-Evaluate the cost of building the clubhouse and cabins
-Suggest mechanisms that will govern relations between partners in planning, building and operating the infrastructure project
-Demonstrate the cost of operating the clubhouse and cabins
-Evaluating the inclusion of different autonomous energy production systems (solar panels, windmill, etc.)
-Evaluate the inclusion of autonomous gray and black water management systems
-Make recommendations

Additional requirements

In addition to the mandate listed above, the applicant agrees to:

1) Participate in a meeting with the Club to start the project

2) To meet the identified partners (3 partners) to determine their needs and expectations

3) Provide updates on a regular basis to the Club board

4) If the funds are awarded by the funders, the applicant must produce a feasibility study before March 31, 2020

Closing of the call for proposals

Proposals should be sent to the attention of François Fortin, president of the Aniirajak Ski and Adventure Club, at by September 13, 2019.

For any information, please contact directly

François Fortin at or514-912-8583