Trail map
Aniirajak has published a map of suggested trails around Iqaluit.

In reality, you can ski and hike pretty much anywhere on the tundra, but the map gives indications of a nice route, beautiful lookouts, useful information, and safety tips. The map is available for free at the Unikkaarvik Visitor Centre.

Geo-referenced map
The map can also be used with Avenza Maps, a free phone app. Once the app is installed on your device, you can track your location on the map using the GPS in the phone, which does not require cell service. To find the map, simply open the app and go to the store, then look for either Iqaluit or Aniirajak.

Ski Trail Map Recto:

Trail Map Recto

Trail Map Recto:

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The mission of the Aniirajak Ski and Adventure Club is to advance cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities by, among other things, make equipment available, organizing events, facilitating participation in races, developing infrastructure, organizing lessons, offering clinics and creating maps.

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