• Be bear aware
• Bring a Spot device if you can
• Bring a GPS or another localization device
• Tell a friend where you are going and when you plan to be back
• Don’t overdress, but bring extra layers and a back pack
• Always bring food and water
• Know the symptoms of frostbite and hypothermia
• Pay attention to the snowmobiles on the land, especially when you follow a trail and can’t see around a corner or the other side of a ridge
• Do not enter a cabin without the permission of the owner or only if you feel your life might be in danger

• A natural line formed by Sylvia Grinnell River and Frobisher Bay runs NW to SE. Iqaluit lies at the junction of the two.
• Most of the hill ridges and valleys NE of Iqaluit run NW to SE. If you go across them, up and down, in a SW direction, you will eventually reach Sylvia Grinnell River or Iqaluit.
• The sun is travelling on a SE to NW route, but it is also always closer to the horizon on the SW. If you loose the North, look at the sun.
• After sunset, artificial lights create a hollow visible from afar. It can help you find Iqaluit.
• Planes depart and land in Iqaluit and they are visible and audible from afar. Observe their ascending and descending pattern to find Iqaluit.
• Look for the radar stations, they are close to Iqaluit.

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The mission of the Aniirajak Ski and Adventure Club is to advance cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities by, among other things, make equipment available, organizing events, facilitating participation in races, developing infrastructure, organizing lessons, offering clinics and creating maps.

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