Rental Service Information:

Cross-country skis, boots and poles are available for rentals at The Ski Can (lot 5001, Takuminaqtuq Ave., near the power plant on the road that leads back to the Plateau).

For the months of April, May and June 2019, there should be people there every Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm, and Sunday afternoons. If you want to make sure there are people there, you can reach out to Benoit Havard at 867-222-1246, or on Facebook.

Onces you confirm the availability of the equipment, you can pay for the rentals online here: 

Thank you for your interest in our activities! You can become a member of our club by filling the form and paying here:

About Us:

The mission of the Aniirajak Ski and Adventure Club is to advance cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities by, among other things, make equipment available, organizing events, facilitating participation in races, developing infrastructure, organizing lessons, offering clinics and creating maps.

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